Original Clear Quartz Wand

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A sacred step in your self-care ritual. The Original Clear Quartz Wand can be used for gentle massage or self-pleasure. Polished perfectly for a silky finish, the wands are smooth to touch and glide over skin for a pleasurable yet sacred intimate experience. 

Clear Quartz is the stone of power and amplifies any intention or energy, so it's extra important to be clear with your intention before your ritual using this particular wand. Clear Quartz is used to cleanse, open, activate and align all of the chakras, whilst protecting against negativity, relieving pain and attuning you to your higher self. 

Length: 17.5cm
Width at widest point: 4.5cm
Wight: 450g

Due to the nature of crystals and each piece being one-of-a-kind, patterns in colour and opacity may differ between each wand. Our crystals have been carved and polished to avoid retaining any product but due to the natural nature of crystals, some may have small surface indentations so it is important you clean your tools after every use.