Crystal Care & Energy Cleansing

Caring for your crystals

It’s important you store your crystal self care tools in a safe and sacred space that’s clean, dry and away from direct sunlight. Our crystals have been carved and polished to avoid retaining any product but due to the natural nature of crystals, some may have small surface indentations so it is important you clean your tools after every use. Use warm natural water and a neutral PH balance soap or a drop of lavender oil that has natural antiseptic properties.


Your crystals have been charged under new moon energy before arrival to you, but as they are energetic materials, they can retain negative energy whilst cleansing it from you – so it’s as important to cleanse them energetically as it is to physically clean them. To do this, we recommend bathing them in salt water overnight, re-charging them under a new moon, using healing music or burning herbs such as Palo Santo or sage to cleanse your crystal. We encourage you to set an intention before each use of your crystal, be that gratitude, self-love or peace – it’s totally down to you.