Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

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All about love, self love, love with your partner, Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and using the Yoni egg can help you feel more connected to your divine self than ever before, a sacred step in your self-care ritual.

In addition to these healing benefits you can use your Yoni Egg as an alternative to common kegel exercises, you may strengthen your vaginal muscles and benefits include: decreased incontinence, re-toning post-childbirth and increased orgasms.

Rose quartz is known to purify the heart, opening it to all kinds of love and particularly self-love. It soothes negativity and promotes deep inner healing and feelings of peace, making it a wonderful choice to include in your intimate self-care rituals. 

Due to the nature of crystals and each piece being one-of-a-kind, patterns in colour and opacity may differ between each wand. Our crystals have been carved and polished to avoid retaining any product but due to the natural nature of crystals, some may have small surface indentations so it is important you clean your tools after every use.