Jade Gemini Comb Gua Sha

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Our Jade Gemini Comb Gua Sha is a facial massage tool designed to lift, contour and brighten your skin and perform gentle scalp massage. This special comb-style edge is particularly designed to further boost circulation and work out fluid build-ups. 

A traditional practice derived from ancient Chinese medicine, Gua Sha promotes overall health and radiance whilst reducing puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A soothing step in your self-care ritual that stimulates and revitalises the skin. 

To use your Gua Sha, glide the long side of the stone upwards and away from the centre of the face to stimulate circulation, contour and lift away any impurities. Use the teeth edge along your jawline to shift stubborn fluid and very gently use around crows feet to open the eye area and along laughter lines around the lip. You can also use the teeth edge for a gentle scalp massage for an ultimate relieving experience. 

Jade is a naturally cool stone, making it ideal for Gua Sha which generates heat in the face. Jade aids the body's filtration and elimination systems so it's perfect for detoxing. It's also linked to the heart chakra and promotes tranquility and balance, just what you want out of your you time.


The Benefits:
  • Boosts circulation for glowing skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness and fluid build-up
  • Works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relieves facial and jaw tension