Year of the Water Tiger

 Hey self-lovers,

Welcome to the Thank Sunday journal. Here you’ll find our musings over all things self care, crystal healing, chinese medicine and all the bits in between. 

Given range of beautiful gua-sha products we carry, we’re big lovers of traditional Chinese medicine. This month saw the start of the new lunar year, the year of the water tiger, and in this journal post we’ll be exploring what this means for the months and year ahead – tigers are the symbol for feminine energy after all. 

What does this mean?

Tigers are known for their courage and ambition. The Year of the Tiger will be about making big changes, risk-taking and adventure.  It’s all for; going big or going home. 

However, we must not forget that Tiger’s are also an embodiment of purpose and patience (much as a tiger deliberately and patiently stalks its prey). 

Their power is deep within and can spring into action when needed.  So this year is about getting our strength from all the little things we do to better ourselves and our lives.  


How do we balance our ambition and wellbeing?

Somewhere along the line of our endlessly busy lives self-care got misinterpreted as a luxury item, a privilege.  But how are we supposed to be revolutionary if we don’t take care of ourselves?

In order to pour and fill up, we must have something to pour from. 

Self-care is how we get our power back – we do best when we feel our best.

So, we must find small, manageable ways to incorporate our self-care into our busy schedules.

We’re currently reading Grace Beverley’s ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working - tips on boosting productivity and practising self-care (definitely one to recommend at book club), who uses this little formula to create her routines;

Rituals + Habits = Overall Routine 

Rituals are the things you do that are facilitated by discipline.  The activities you set your alarm that bit earlier for, because you know how much better your day will be because of them.  Habits are subconscious actions we regularly perform, our overall routine is a combination of both.

Thank Sunday aims to help transform your habits into your everyday rituals, making your portal to deep self-care an essential part of your overall routine.

And voila; you’re entering your day crown on, cape in hand, ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

These rituals don’t even need to be at the start of the day.  Allowing ourselves the time to wind down properly, rather than just falling asleep running a finger marathon on our social feeds, is just as important as using our Gua Sha to revitalise first thing. 

Reading our books, journaling, practising our skincare routine or  intimately saying thank you to our bodies with your Rose Quartz wand – this routine will look different for everyone.  

So, how will you show up for yourself today? What small and subtle rituals will you do to better protect your soul?

Speak soon loves,

Thank Sunday x